Forensic Audio

Audio Forensics, Enhancement & Analysis

In the ideal world,every time you use a recording device the results would yield pristine audio. All speech would be clearly intelligible and your recordings would be immediately usable for their intended purpose.

In the real world, however, often there are problems masking your audio such as background or street sounds, low recording levels, interference, buzz, hum and hiss sometimes the masking is intentional. As a result of working on hundreds of cases. We have customized many filters to correct these problems often enabling the recordings to be used in court and for investigation.

The mission of a forensic audio laboratory is to provide audio evidence in personal, criminal, or civil investigations. Our forensic audio laboratory has dealt with sensitive law enforcement recordings, 911 emergency calls, audio from mobile phones, hand held recorders, DVD, video, CCTV, computers, tapes, and memory cards — in fact, just about every type of recorded audio media there is and has ever been.

Many of the tasks will at some point involve forensic enhancement audio for use as evidence at trial. However, general advice and guidance concerning the correct capture and subsequent review of audio material is also essential. This provides what is commonly referred to as ‘best evidence’.

Ultimately, the responsibility of the forensic audio laboratory is to present evidence that can be relied upon within a court of law. When called to testify as a foresic audio expert must also be able to explain the technical processes in laymains terms so as to be clearly understood by a jury.

All steps are logged so as to be replicable if necessary.


In brief, this is the science behind establishing whether a recording is original and whether it has been tampered with, either maliciously or accidentally. This task is not performed by all forensic audio laboratories, and requires very sepcialized skills and equipment.

We also specialize

In restoration of old albums and tapes. The same tools we use for forensics are ideally suited to bring out the best in your treasured recordings.

Forensic Audio

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